Cardio Core at 9am, Strength and Conditioning at 10am!


Warm up:  2 Rounds (10 minute time cap)

30-50 Double Under

15 Air Squat

10 Pushup

:30 Mountain Climbers

Metcon:  Get as far as possible in 35 minutes with a partner

50 Power Snatch 115/73#

immediately into

200 Wall Ball 20/14#

immediately into 42-30-18 reps of

Deadlift 163/113#


immediately into


Front Squat 115/73#

Toes to bar

  • You’re going to have to do some weight changes, so be ready for that and use clips!
  • Power Snatches should be touch and go.  if you need to drop each one the weight is to heavy and your missing the point of the workout!!  Stay in your lane!
  • If you and your partner have Muscle ups and want to spice it up.  Replace 42-30-18 Calories for 10-10-10 Bar Muscle ups.  Or a rep range that you can both handle.  See coach for scaling options




Cardio Core

Metcon:  EMOM 35

Minute 1 10/8 ABC

Minute 2:  12 Front Squat 75/53#

Minute 3:  12 Burpee

Minute 4: 100m run (gate)

Minute 5:  15 AB mat sit ups

Minute 6 30 Double Unders

Minute 7 Rest