A.  Warm up – 10 minute time cap

2 Rounds

20/15 Calories

10 Hand walk out to plank, Hip Opener, Tspine rotation (5 each side)

10 PVC pass through + 10 PVC Good Morning

B.  Power Clean


B.  “The Ghost”

6 Rounds for total reps in all rounds (23 min)

1 minute of Calories (Assault Bike or Rower)

1 minute of Burpee

1 minute of Double Unders

1 minute of rest

  • Continuous running clock
  • Push hard for as much of the minute as possible.
  • Beginners may single under but if you can do 1 double under we would like you to practice your dubs!
  • Post total reps completed during the 23 minutes to the white board.