CrossFit Open WOD 19.3

For time:
200′ SA DB OH Walking Lunge, 50/35# (100′ each hand)
50 SA DB Alternating Step Ups, 24/20″ (25 reps each hand)
50 Strict HSPU
200′ HS Walk

For time:
200′ DB Goblet Walking Lunge, 30/20#
50 SA DB Alternating Step Ups, 30/20#
50 Perfect Push Ups
200′ Bear Crawl

Further scaling will be available as needed.  See Coach!

****** Notes
200′ will be marked off for Saturday.
Walking Lunge: back knee must kiss the ground.
Step Ups: do not touch legs with off hand
HSPU: feet must remain on wall during entire reps
Perfect Push Up: chest to deck, thighs never touch the ground