Strength and Conditioning
Strength: Back Rack Lunge (Superset)
Taken out of the rack:
5 reps on each leg. Take your time and do not rush the movement. Climb to the heaviest weight you feel comfortable hitting today.

Immediately into 

Hip Thrust (5 x 10)
With your back on a bench or box, be sure to drive your hips up and pause for 1 split second at the top of each rep. If you have never done these before, you are about get some serious muscle soreness but it’s a good thing! Booty gains and all 😉

*Climb to the heaviest weight you feel comfortable hitting today.

Rest 1-1:30 between sets

Metcon: 2 Rounds For Time:
50 Push Jerks 95/63
20 Toes-To-Bar

*EMOM complete 4 Burpees!

*You must finish all 50 jerks before going to the Toes to bar
*LOCK OUT your reps and HOLD it for a split second before you bring the bar down.
RX+ 115/75
RX++ 135/95
* I want this to take between 10-15min. so choose the appropriate weight for yourself.
Cardio Core 6am

4 Rounds:
Min. 1) 10/7 Cal Row
Min. 2) Max DB Bench Press 45/25
Min. 3) 10/7 ABC
Min. 4) Max Russian KB Swings 53/35

Rest 4min.

4 Rounds:
Min. 1) 100m Sprint
Min. 2) Max Pull-Ups
Min. 3) 40 Double Unders
Min. 4) Max HR Push-Ups