Strength and Conditioning
Build up to a 65% Effort Snatch And Clean and Jerk…

Part A.)
5 min of Assault Bike @70%
immediately into;
5 min of 3 Snatches per minute
immediately into;
5 min of Rowing @70%
immediately into;
5 min of 3 Clean and Jerks per minute

Part B
Odd: 1 Legless or 2 regular rope climbs
Even: 1 min Plank
*This is a nasty Core Piece 🙂
No rest between sections on Part A. If you have not come in all week then you are allowed to go harder than 70% on the cardio. Keep the weight on the lifts around 60-65% so that you can hit all 3 reps on the minute.

If you guys don’t have a rope climb, maybe you have a weighted sled pull? That would work well.