Start Here

New to fitness training? We have you covered! We’ll make sure you have everything you need for your first class, and beyond. Get ready to transform your body and tap into a new level of inner and outer strength.

Class Design

Every class is expertly planned from start to finish to provide the optimal balance of strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina using the most effective exercises and proven strength and conditioning principles. Our certified coaches will teach you how to move well, stay safe, and push yourself beyond your limits. In our classes, you will develop proficiency in barbell, bodyweight, and kettlebell training as well as Olympic Weightlifting and HIIT.

No Experience Necessary

All of our workouts are completely scaleable to all ability levels. We utilize a simple method of exercise progression that ensures a strong foundation grounded in the fundamentals of human movement. Basic strength and flexibility are developed early on, with more advanced movements added and building upon previously learned skills. Each member progresses at their own speed. The sky’s the limit.

Lifelong Results

Our program is trusted by firefighters, police officers, weekend warriors, and grandmothers alike. Unlike a traditional gym, we don’t use machines. By learning to move your body on your own, you’ll develop real-world fitness that will keep you injury free and harder to kill.

The Code 3 Difference

Since 2011, we’ve changed the lives of thousands of people in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas. We take just as much pride in the members who have lost 100+ pounds as we do those who have gone on to achieve national recognition in CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. We are a no-frills, no-nonsense gym that was built by old-school hard work.