Strength and Conditioing: Fight Gone Bad!
3 Rounds
1 minute of Wall-balls 20/143
1 minute of SDHP 75/53
1 minute of Box Jumps 20″
1 minute of Push-press 75/53
1 minute of Rowing (Calories)
–1 minute rest–

Alright guys/gals, I REALLY want to make today a test day that puts everyone at their absolute MAX effort. This has always been an amazing benchmark to retest. GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TODAY.

The clock does not stop between stations. Make the most out of your favorite movements. Transfer time will be a factor today on your score.

The highest scores in the world are 500+ reps.

Accessory Work
Since part 1 was on the shorter end today, I wanted to add in a mandatory “cool down” section.

Pick 1:
1.) 20min. Assault Bike at 50-60%
2.) 5000m Row at 50-60%
3.) 2 Mile Jog
4.) 5000m Ski at 50-60%
5.) A 20min. Mix of all of it