A) EMOM 12, alternating:
8 TnG Deadlifts
6-12 Strict Handstand Pushups*
* Scale with 1 ABMAT if needed. Scale further to ring push up/push up
B) Row 2k
* Moderate pace, focus on keeping a consistent stroke rate and 500m pace. Part B and C can be flipped for larger classes.
C) AMRAP 12:
40 Wall Ball, 20# to 10’/14# to 9′
20/15 CTB Pullups
40 Double Unders

A) Movement Prep:
Single Arm KB Z Press, 2 x 5 each
KB Half Kneeling Windmill, 2 x 3 each *slow
Deep Squat Side Rocking, accumulate 2:00, take breaks as needed
B) Push Press: 4×1
* Programming note: this means work up to a heavy single, then repeat it 3 more times. This is NOT a 1RM
C) Landmine Row: 3×10 each
D) 75/60 ABC, For Time:
Every Odd Minute, perform 5 Burpees
Every Even Minute, perform 10 RKBS, 53/35#

A) Bodyweight Skills Practice:
Kipping Bar MU, CTB or Pull Up
Wall Facing HS with Hover
B) Surprise WOD

A) Movement Prep
90/90 Hip Extension, 2 x 5 each
Wall Groin Stretch, 2 x 0:30
Partner Double Fister Stretch, 2 x 0:20
B) Front Squat: 4×1
C) Half Kneeling Landmine Press, 3×10 each
D) For Time:
15-12-9-12-15 Reps, For Time
Toes to Bar
Thruster, 75/53#
Box Jumps, 24/20”

A) 2 Cleans and 1 Jerk, 20 min to practice
B) Surprise WOD